Rugby League World Cup Winners & Runners-up List (1954-2017)

Rugby League World Cup Winners & Runners-up List – The Rugby League World Cup is the upcoming major rugby tournament that every rugby fan is waiting for. The tournament was scheduled for 2021 but due to covid conditions, Australia and New Zealand opted out of the tournament. Eventually, the tournament was postponed to 2022. Now, on 15th October, the Rugby League World Cup 2022 will kick off in England. 

Since the RLWC 2022 is just a few days away, the rugby fans are looking for all the stats across the web. Rugby League World Cup happens every four years and many new fans emerge in these years. So for all those fans, who don’t know much about the past tournaments, here is a detailed article about Rugby League World Cup winners and runners-up list. This list contains winners from the first edition conducted in 1954 to the latest edition held in 2017.

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Rugby League World Cup Winners
Rugby League World Cup Winners

Rugby League World Cup Winners & Runners-up List (1954-2017)

Total of 16 teams have qualified for the upcoming Rugby League world cup. Every team will travel to England with the intention to be crowned champions. But history says that its one of the difficult tasks as only three teams have been crowned champions to date.

Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand are those three teams who have champion titles to their names. Out of those three, the Australian team has dominated the other two by a large margin. Australia has won this tournament 11 times while Great Britain has won thrice and New Zealand once. 

Check out the list of Rugby League World Cup Winners and Runners-up. 

Year Hosts Champion Runner-up
1954 France Great Britain France
1957 Australia Australia Great Britain
1960 England Great Britain Australia
1968 Australia

New Zealand

Australia France
1970 England Australia Great Britain
1972 France Great Britain Australia
1975 No fixed host Australia England
1977 Australia

New Zealand

Australia Great Britain
1985–88 No fixed host Australia New Zealand
1989–92 No fixed host Australia Great Britain
1995 England Australia England
2000 England France Ireland Scotland Wales Australia New Zealand
2008 Australia New Zealand Australia
2013 England


Australia New Zealand
2017 Australia

New Zealand

Papua New Guinea[15]

Australia England
2021 England TBD TBD

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